Smart Home Solution

The HIGOAL Group Company is an innovative and ground-breaking leader in the field of smart home systems, with some 25 years of experience in the fields of electricity and electronics, specializing in wired and wireless smart home systems.

The HIGOAL Group Smart Home System serving as an intelligent activation system and foundation for an IOT interface is a development of the Israeli hi-tech industry. The system was designed and characterized by the company’s engineers, based upon many years of extensive accumulated knowledge and experience as well as the ability to concentrate on the market’s needs and demands, while operating within a stringent set of production and quality control processes.

HIGOAL Group Smart Home products are installed in residential homes and apartment buildings, offices, schools, hotels, public institutions, hospitals, event and commercial real estate venues.

The company provides training programs for its business partners and professional consultancy service to architects, electricians, project manager, contractors, audio-visual and security system installers, etc.

The HIGOAL Group Company continues to invest tremendous resources in global technological developments, implementing original ideas for new products, streamlining and simplifying installation processes through a series of innovative and groundbreaking solutions.



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