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Sinnokrot Co. Safety and Security Systems are able to design, supply, install and commission the most complex safety and security systems available today.
Medical & Industrial Gases

Whether in the emergency room, the operating room, the intensive care unit, the hospital ward or in ambulance vehicles: Medical gases are widely used in hospitals. There is a variety…

Safety Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment…

First Aid Equipment

A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment that is used to give medical treatment. There is a wide variation in the contents of first aid kits…

Smart Home Solution

The HIGOAL Group Company is an innovative and ground-breaking leader in the field of smart home systems, with some 25 years of experience in the fields of electricity and electronics,…

PAVA System

Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems (PAVA) deliver safe and clear messages to aid safe and controlled evacuations. However it is now recognized that effective evacuation of a building can…

Fire Alarm

Sinnokrot Co. offers a wide range of solutions for reliable and accurate fire detection and alarm notification.Our innovative fire detection and alarm solutions have made our clients premises safer than…

High Security Services

  • Security Consulting
  • High Security
  • Alarm Response
  • CCTV Installation
  • Fire and Safety Services
  • Modern Technology

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Making Your Life Safer

We provide customized security solutions to help protect your people and property.
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Commitment to the highest standards of quality on our products.

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Providing a full range of services to meet any security requirement.

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Control access to your business with solutions to meet any requirement local or remote.

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Alarm system and fire alarm for your comfort and peace of mind.

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